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Validation rule on opportunity amount and child object amount field

Hi any boby help me on validation rule  


how to check differnt currency  values from child to parent object (both are different currency type ).


 i have created a trading plan  as custom obejct  and  this custom object is child to opportunity object.

Requirement is

   opportunity can have  'n' number of trading plans . and amount of the all trading plans  not greater than the

 opportunity amount


my problem is opportunity created in EURO and trading plan creating in GBP so how to check whether user enter values less than the opportunity amount .



i can't check like  opportunity.amount <> tradingplanamount

because both are different currency types .

is there any way to  compare this kinfd of different currency values?


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In order to solve your problem you have a create a field
"Exchange Rate" in child object which stores for each record the exchange rate of the "Trading plan" currency record in terms of parent "Opportunity" record currency.
Following this in the validation rule put the following evaluation criterion:-
Exchange_rate* Amount<= ParentCaseId.Amount



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