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"CreatedBy.Division" - workaround for W2C cases (first 'person' to touch the case)?

We created a custom Case field formula to display "CreatedBy.Division" -- this helps us know which Division (Call Center) created the case.


Unfortunately, our W2C cases are stamped with our 'System' user/division.  Any suggestions on modifying this formula to use the Division of the person who later modified or closed the Case?  I was looking to use the ISCHANGED function (similar to Validation Rules), but no dice...




Formula fields are not available in workflow fields for criteria setting.

Here is a workaround for that- create another field say "FormulaFinal"  now use a workflow rule to assign the value of your formula field to "FoormulaFinal" whenever a case is created.

Add a trigger whcih on editing of Case will assign the value ModifiedBy.Division to the field "FormulaFinal".

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