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How to make capital of the middle name



I'm trying to make a custom field in contact. The meaning is to combine salutation and last name and put geachte in front of it. Geachte is the same as dear in english. So I want to use the field for mail merge. 

The formula below does work, but there's one problem. Some people are called for example "van voorden" as their last name. If there's no first name before "van", then van must be a capital. What do I have to do to make "van" an capital automatically?


"Geachte" & " " & CASE(Salutation, "mevrouw", "mevrouw", "heer" ) & " " & LastName


This is messy to do in a custom field with the limited number of functions available. You'd be better off just defining your custom field to have just: Geachte" & " " & CASE(Salutation, "mevrouw", "mevrouw", "heer" ), then have Word capitalize the last name properly in your merged template: Right click on the <<CONTACT_LASTNAME>> in Word, then select "Format | Title Case".


You'd be better off writing a validation rule to prevent last names from being entered in all lowercase, or if your organization has it, writing an APEX Trigger to change the capitalization in the Name field at save.