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Find a user's Email to Salesforce Address?

I'm surprised I can't find this anywhere: I'm trying to make a custom mailto: link in SFDC that automatically bcc's the user's Email to Salesforce address:






How can I refer to this?


Did you try using HYPERLINK function?

In that function whose signature is as follows:-

HYPERLINK(url, friendly_name [, target])
In URL you can generate the URL as the text highlighted below in red and pass it as a parameter and in the friendly_name generate it as  "send mail:"+ {!ObjectName.Email__c}


<a href="mailto:astark1@unl.edu?subject=MailTo Comments&cc=ASTARK1@UNL.EDU&bcc=id@internet.node">



Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didn't work, or if so, please mark it solved.




Thanks for the suggestion, but making the link isn't my problem. I'm looking to populate it with the user's Email to Salesforce address. Mine is something like: emailtosalesforce@6j8764ytr7ecghy67tesfd3.in.salesforce.com.  


I want to find this for any current user.


Did you try this:-


In case no please do try it and let me know the outcome, if it solves your issue please mark it as solved.






Thanks for your efforts, but you don't understand what I am looking for.


See: https://na7.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/emailadmin_email2salesforce.htm for an explanation.



Did you ever find a solution?  The email isn't a field in the User record, nor is there a SF object that contains this field that is accessible that I can tell using Eclipse.  I also would like to use this value.


You have to Login as them and check in their Personal Settings under My Email to Salesforce.


Thanks for your response.  I was hoping the email address was accessible thru the API.  I have created a button to send an email from a task and want to populate the bcc with the User's personal "Email to Salesforce" email address.  I just can't seem to find where SF stores this value.  I don't want to create a custom field on the User record and manually copy this value to the User record, but I may have to.


I've logged cases on this, and dig through all the documentation I can find. For whatever reason this little piece of data isn't accessible in any way that I can find. The helpful "regular" support folks told me "we won't write code for you."


I used to work at an organization that had the "premium" support option. I don't have this anymore. I know that there was some unofficial API documentation that wasn't available to the general public that these guys would occasionally give out if you asked nicely. If you have access to this, you might try them. If you find the answer, I'd be grateful if you posted it here.


Thanks for you reply.  I don't have Premium Support either.  If I do find a solution I will let you know.


Click on the dropdown containing your name, then choose "Setup"


You'll find it there.


Found it for ya!


EmailServicesAddress table > EmailDomainName row.  

You need to add the emailtosalesforce@ to this string.


Select e.EmailDomainName, e.AuthorizedSenders From EmailServicesAddress e

Derek at ToutappDerek at Toutapp

Awesome! I was scouring the documentation for this and could never find it. Just wanted to let you know that you helped us out greatly!


I think this may be more complete than the previous example. We are going to use a trigger to populate a field on the User object so that we can built formulas/custom links with it.


[Select LocalPart, EmailDomainName From EmailServicesAddress Where Function.FunctionName = 'EmailToSalesforce' And CreatedBy.Name = 'First Last']

This is really helpful...

Very useful indeed.

Does anyone know if there's a way to force the generation of the Email to Salesforce Addresses for users?  Currently, they are only generated when a user first navigates to the email/admin/emailToSalesforceUserEdit.apexp page.

Scott FletcherScott Fletcher
This is very useful information. I want to bcc the email-to-salesforce address as part of an email button and will try to pass in the current user ID as a filter to ChadMeyer's query, RunAsUserId = [$Current.User.Id].

The only thing I see is that when querying my instance in Workbench, only my own email-to-salesforce address is returned, even though I am a system administrator. This makes me wonder whether these addresses are subject to additional security measures.