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Validation Rule for Account Names On OPPS

Ok... so I'm a novice on Validation rules.... I want to make sure certain accounts (names) are not used in Opportunities.


Can someone assist me with that that validation string would look like?





It's probably easier to add a custom field to the Account, something like No_Opptys_Allowed__c, then validate to that:


NOT (Account.No_Opptys_Allowed__c)


If you only had a simple string to validate to, say you wanted to make sure other locations of your own company, named "MyBigCo" didn't have opportunities, you could use this:


FIND("MYBIGCO", UPPER(Account.Name)) = 0


You need to be careful though, if you work for "GE", since this would also exclude "GES" and "Osage, Inc."