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steve buikhuizesteve buikhuize 

Apex Plugin cannot edit code in managed orgs / orgs with a prefix

Hi all,
I've upgraded to the latest Eclipse Plugin and it works well for custom development in customer instances.
However, when I try to edit Apex Classes or S-Controls in an org which is the source for my managed application, I cannot get any of my edits written back to Salesforce.
The plugin tells me that the files are readonly because they were installed as part of a managed package. This is incorrect, they are the source of the managed package.
I've seen this at a customer site as well. It seems that any time you assign a developer prefix to an org, the Eclipse plugin no longer saves changes back to Salesforce.
I've searched the boards for similar problems but no luck. Can anybody help me out?\
Thanks, Steve
Ron HessRon Hess
on the properties page for apex project there is a prop for namespace, do you have this set?
is your eclipse version the latest?
sometimes i have to recreate the project when i upgrade versions.
You should also make sure that you use the exact same case for the namespace as it's typed in SFDC.  I had some fun figuring that issue out. :)
steve buikhuizesteve buikhuize

Thanks guys, that's exactly what the problem was.

I even RTFM'd and missed that field. A case of "Can't see the forrest for the trees"

Back into it...