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Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed 

I have installed the trial org,but i couldn't find the trial template in the publisher console

I have installed the app in the TMO and even i have linked the TMO org with my parent publisher org but i cant find the Trial Template.Can anyone guide me up in setting up the trial template in the publisher console

The Trialforce Management Org (TMO) is not where you want to install the app. The TMO should be a Developer Editions org (doesn't have to be, but its recommended). From the TMO is where you create one or more trialforce Source Orgs. It is in those source orgs where you want to install the app and set it up for trials. Once the source org is entirely configured as you like, you create a Trialforce Template under Setup -> Trialforce. That will create a Template. And after a few minutes, those templates show up in the Appexchange Publishing Console. 


You can use the sample template for your website's trial experience as well as the Appexchange free trials. Or you can use different ones. Its up to you.