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Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed 

Does the Trial Source org expires

When i create the Trial source org  from the Partnered DE org, where i can create the create does that org will be only for 30 days? As i can see in my business org that the org expires.





I want to make sure we are not confusing terminology (easy to do with trialforce). 

The Source Org is the template master. That is not used by customers or prospects.

Then, using trialforce and by posting to the trialforce servlet, a new instance of Salesforce is provisioned based off your template (ie your app is pre-installed and configured exactly as you had it in the Source Org). This is the org your prospects will use. It defaults to a 30-day trial. Meaning the org itself expires in 30 days unless activated. 


What you see in your Business Org I am assuming is the LMA License, correct? That is different. That controls how many users and for how long your application is accessible in the customer org. Now, for trialforce, it might be 30. So both the org and the app expire in 30 days. That is fine. But what if the customer is an existing salesforce customer and therefore expires in 2 yrs. LMA gives you the control to only give them a 30 day trial unless they purchase your solution. 


I hope this helps. 

Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed

Yes,its clear to me.But can i mark on the text box of the Trial source org Does not Expire.Because its going to expire today and the client is requesting for the some enhacement,soo it will be bit easy for me to do changes in that org for creating the new template.





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How did you solved this problem, without create a new tso?