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Salesforce Platform user can't see the LMA's License object

I have the License Management App installed in an org, and can use it just fine. (I have the System Administrator Profile.) I have another User who has a Profile that uses the "Salesforce" license (not "Salesforce Platform"). I've granted this Profile access to the LMA app and have granted at least Read access to License, Package, and Package Version. However, when I log in as a User with this Profile, while I can see the app in the application pull-down, I can't see the Licenses tab or object.


What permissions does a User and/or Profile need in order to use the LMA?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Probably just need to turn the tabs on in the profile.  I did it this morning.

MJ Kahn / OpFocusMJ Kahn / OpFocus

Thanks for the reply, but that's not it. I do have the tab enabled, and even if I didn't, the user should be able to use the ID prefix in the URL to see Licenses, or be able to see a given License if she has the URL for it. But whenever she tries to see a License, she gets an Insufficient Privilege error.


Also, Salesforce Platform isn't really a factor - the same thing happens with a Profile that uses the Salesforce license.


Hm -- Mine appears to be working -- see exciting screen shot.

I originally had modify all perms on the LMA objects, but just scaled that back to READ for them and it still worked.

Does your user have read access to the related CRM objects?

MJ Kahn / OpFocusMJ Kahn / OpFocus

Thanks again for your reply!


Yes, the Profile has Read, Create, Edit, and Delete access to Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, etc. (The Profile is used by a few Sales Reps, so it has always had this access to these objects.) It also has the same access granted to Licenses (and tab = Default On), and Read access to Packages and Package Versions (and tab = Default Off).







MJ Kahn / OpFocusMJ Kahn / OpFocus

Turns out the problem was that the LMA's objects (License, Subscriber, etc.) were still at "Development" status. (No idea how they got to that state.) When I flipped them over to "Deployed," users were able to see the records just fine.


Many thanks to Reid for following up with me, and to Joanna Wong in support for finding the problem!