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Craig JonesCraig Jones 

App Development and Publishing Pricing



My company have asked me to look into producing an integrated app on Salesforce to be available on the appexchange. We offer a service that we host on our own servers and would only need to create a UI in Salesforce that calls out to our restful services for the data and business logic, etc. (havent fully looked into how to do the solution but this is the idea).


I have read documents on creating an app, packaging it, having it reviewed and publishing it... but i cant see anything that tells me what Salesforce are going to charge me to put my app on the appexchange (it would be a free app to users).


My company have Salesforce licenses and developer force orgs.


I have seen the term ISVForce partner (and licensing)??


If anyone would be able to summarise or point me towards documents / resources, that would be great.





Hi Craig,


Great questions. I recommend going to www.salesforce.com/partners and sign up as an ISV Partner. An ISV Account Executive will reach out to your promptly to discuss the different programs and options. You can also read more about the ISV Program options here: http://www.salesforce.com/partners/isv/program-models/