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Atif MohammedAtif Mohammed 

How to create an Provision an org without Trial org creation



Can I make an production org without creating an trial environment.Or is it compulsory that we need to create trial org compulsory for provisioning the org for the client.






An org is always a 'trial' org by default. Then converted or upgraded to 'Production' at the time of activation. What exactly are you trying to do? If you use the Channel Order app, you could enable some automation to submit the Service Order at the same time the org is provisioned so there is minimal time between provisioning and activation. 

Hi aalbert,

As part of my client requirement, we created 30 days free trial enterprise edition org and developed some components and uploaded some data.

Now, we need to convert this trial org to Production and purchase some additional licenses from salesforce. For this we have contacted salesforce support team through partner portal. But they said that we should submit an order through the Channel Order App.  

We installed COA app in my trial org and sent request for Service Order Credentials. The response from support team is "Have you signed a contract as an OEM Partner? You'd only be able to use Channel Order App (receive Service Order Credentials) if you are contracted as a Partner. Who is your ISV AE?"

We are not signed on any contract till now, but we need to convert my trial org to Production and we will purchase license from salesforce. What is the best and easy way to convert trial org as Production.

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