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Managed package with a Schedulable Job in Group Edition / Professional Edition

I'm developing a managed package that will eventually go through security review and be offered on the AppExchange. At that point, the app should be enabled for Group Edition and Professional Edition.


The app includes a Schedulable Apex class, and a VF page that allows an administrative user to schedule the class. Note: scheduling the job doesn't rely on the Setup | Develop | Apex Classes page being visible - users can schedule the job through the custom VF page.


Is there any reason this custom "Schedule the Job" VF page wouldn't work in Group Edition and Professional Edition?




Yes it will not work in Group/Professional edition, reason being Scheduled apex is not supported in these editions.


Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=code_schedule_batch_apex.htm&language=en_US


Thanks very much for your reply!


I just want to be sure I've got this. Group Edition (like PE) doesn't support non-scheduled Apex either, but my managed package, security-review-approved app *would* work in GE and PE because, after the Security Review, the app would be flagged as supported in those editions. But Scheduled Apex wouldn't work because you can't schedule anything, even managed package code, in GE. Right?


Scheduling a job is only a small part of my app, and it happens only when an admin clicks a specific button on a VF page. Would just the Apex code called from that button fail, while everything else in the app would work? Or would it fail to even install the app, just because the app contains Apex code that references System.schedule()?


Again, thanks!