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Button opens Description for Edit



I'm trying to create a button that when clicked does the following:


1)Opens the description of an existing case for editing.

2)Appends a predefined text to the description (Without saving it)

3)And when the user clicks the save button changes the ownership parameter of the case using the following variable "newOwn="



Is this possible?





Hi Tzuvy,


     Here is how you can do it.

1) On clikcing of the button (say button name as 'Edit Description' ) open a pop-up window. The contents of pop-up window is coded using visualforcepage an a apex class.

2) Pass the parameter for new owner as Id (if not current owner).  like this "/apex/editDescriptionPopup?newOwn="+newOwnereId

3)  the pop-up window will have a text area with contents in record's description + predefined text in edit mode. Also a "Save" and "Cancel" button.

4) Upon Save, the controller has to update the case with new description text and the new owner (new Owner from parameter). After this close the pop-up window and refresh automatically the case detail page to see the latest values.


Hope this resolves.. Post back if you need more specific details..





Hi Sarge,


Thanks for the answer, is there a way of opening the "edit description popup" instead of creating a completelly new one? My goal would be to create with a button the same behavior that I receive when I double click on the description field and once I click in the save button the save action will also change the ownership of the case.


If this can't be done, can you at least guide me on how to create the popup using visual force?