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Formula Limit on "Formula Editor" in "New Field Update"

Is there a work around for Workflows that Update Fields where the limit for the Formula is 3900.  I want to create an "IF" formula that would include 1800 cities in California with Sales tax Rates that would automatically update custom field we have in Opportunities called "Sales Tax Rate" (the formula I created is around 100,000 characters).   Does anyone know of any other way to apply sales tax to opportunities automatically depending on city/state???




Unfortunately there is not a way to increase the number of characters for formula fields. There are a few other options depending on what edition are you on?




We are on the Enterprise Edition.


The first option does not automatically apply the sales tax but will validate that the user selects the correct sales tax for the area. The first option would include:

  • creating a custom object to house locations and their tax rates
  • creating a validation rule using the vlookup function to validate the tax entered is the correct amount, this only validates the data it does not apply it

The second option would apply the taxes automatically and that is to leverage Apex.


My suggestion would be to load the tax rate against the Account using either the data loader or the Excel Connector. You can then  pull that into your opportunity with a formula. Just in case you are not sure how that would work.

1. use a report to generate a CSV file of your accounts containing the following columns

Salesforce ID, City, State,

2. Add a column called Tax rate

3. use Excel LOOKUP function to populate Tax Rate column based on another Excel spreadsheet containg City/State against tax rate

4. Use data loader update function