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How can I make a VR where a multi-select picklist value cannot equal the value of another field?

I have a multi-select picklist field (called GVP States) on a custom object where a user can select one or more states. This object is related to Opportunities. I want to make an Opportunity Validation Rule that says "The Account Billing State/Province must equal one of the GVP States values". I understand that multi-select picklists have a very limited number of functions that can be used with them, so I am unable to figure out how to work this. Any ideas for a work around?


Is this possible through a CASE function or something?




Since you want to implement a validation rule which is cross object and also involves multiselect values , the best route would be to write a trigger for the concerned object, though it will take some effort but it would be a clean implementation.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Ispita.


I decided just to change the multi-select picklist to a text field with validation rules around what can be entered to make the VR in question work.