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Apex describe objects urlDetail

How can i get access to the frontdoor urlDetail, edit and new values for an object from its descibe info in Apex?  I don't see this field in the documentation....

can you describe the business case you are trying to solve?

sure, in some apex code i am creating an email that includes a link to he detail page for a custom object i have defined.  this link is of the form: https://na3.salesforce.com/{ID} from the urlDetail field i can see if eclipse.  in an older version of the scontrol that called my apex code (before describe info was available in apex), here is what I had:

//pass describe info to apex since apex cannot access describe info
var dso = sforce.connection.describeSObject(gApprovalObjType);
var urlDetail = dso.urlDetail;

So what i need to be able to do now is get access to the describe info called "urlDetail" even though I am not seeing where to find it in the new apex describe info documentation.  Any ideas on how I can get this?

Thank you for the explanation.

You have to construct your URL in your Apex code.

String url = '/' + customObject.id;

you don't have to include the na3.salesforce.com, that way if your instance gets moved to a new host your URL wont break.

Currently urlDetail is not in the sObject Describe Result Methods.