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cannot associate trigger with a custom object?

hello all,

i've been reading the reference guide and tutrorials on using apex and i wanted to spread my wings to see what i could do.  i created 4 custom objects and have some psuedocode for the relationship between the objects.

my problem is that i can't see anywhere inside of the salesforce ui to associate a trigger with a custom object... only standard objects.

is apex triggers only for standard objects?
you can write triggers for custom objects. [you can NOT do this directly in production environment]
click on the custom object (dev or sandbox) and you will find a section called 'Triggers' next to your 'Validation rules' section.
else, write your trigger on eclipse and deploy it using apache ant.

ah, thank you.  i figured that it would need to be created in the eclipse force.com IDE.  i haven't been able to get that working as of yet so i guess i need to start working on that...

thanx again