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how do i enable apex code?

hello all,

sorry in advance for such a stupid simple question but this is really stumping me.

i am trying to use the force.com IDE with eclipse and the instructions i have says to: 'make sure you have apex code enabled before creating any apex classes or triggers'...

i cannot tell if i have apex code enabled in my developer addition.  i can't figure out how to enable it if its not enabled.

anyone have any clues? ive been searching the forums here and google to see if anyone has had this question but it seems like im the only one... it has to be something simple that i am missing.
Developer Edition orgs have Apex enabled by default.

What you might need to do is enable Author Apex for your profile.

Go to Setup -> My Personal Information -> Personal Information -> Click on the Profile link.
Make sure that Author Apex is checked, and if not, edit the profile and check it.
i checked my profile and saw that author apex is enabled.  thats all i needed to know!

thank you mikef