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Expiring Session Id using Eclipse Plug-in

I have recently upgraded my Eclipse environment and I am having some issues. I previously installed Eclipse 3.2.2 and downloaded the Plug-in for Salesforce development. Knowing I needed to update for APEX development, I downloaded the most recent version of Eclipse ( and the up-to-date Eclipse Plug-in (API 10.0). Everything "appears" setup correctly, but I am running into a few odd problems. Currently, everytime I attempt to go out to the Help Website, to review the tutorial for the new SFDC Plug-in, I receive a Server URL error. I am running behind a proxy server, but I am able to connect to my org unit through the proxy, so I believe the proxy is set up correctly. Has anyone else ever seen this issue and been able to resolve it? The second issue is getting a bit more aggravating. I am repeatedly loosing my "session_id" for SFDC. In 3.2.2 of Eclipse, when this happened, I would simply open the properties to the org unit directory, click "apply" to reconnect, and everything would be fine. However, with, that no longer works. Short of shutting down Eclipse, I am unable to "refresh" the session id. Does anyone know why this is repeatedly occurring? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
Hey Jason,
For your second problem.
Try this.
1. Open your project.
2. Select your project
3. Click-> File -> Properties.
4. Select apex on left side.
5. You will see your setting.
6. Set read time out to 600 max.
7. Save it.
Do reply if works.
Abhishek Singh


Thanks for the recommendation.  It didn't seem to work though.  However, I have upgraded now to Eclipse Europa with the "Force.com" API Plug-in (before, I was using the Apex Plugin).  That seems to be working, except I am unable to access all of my sandboxes.  We are on Unlimited Edition and have multiple Sandboxes.  I am able to access the Production instance and the primary (full-copy) Sandbox, but I receive an error attempting to access the other sandboxes.  Does anyone know if this is an issue?  For reference, in older versions of Eclipse with the APEX Plug-in, I "was" able to access the other sandboxes.

I am attempting to move forward with development with APEX and these version issues have been causing quite a bit of headaches for my development team.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!