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Apex sandbox?

In the documentation about Apex it states:
"To best take advantage of Apex, all Unlimited and Enterprise Edition customers will receive a new Apex Sandbox that they can use for development and testing of Apex code"
Does anyone know how we would get this turned on for one of our Enterprise customers? Thanks in advance for any insight!
Apex itself will be available as soon as you are upgraded to Spring '08. The exact date depends on which instance you're on.
At the same time you'll see another item under Setup >> Data Management called Sandbox. From there you'll be able to create your new sandbox.
FYI: One drawback to the Apex type sandbox is it can only store 10 Mb of data as opposed to 500 Mb in a configuration-only type one. Luckily, we have both. =)
However isnt APEX available now in all enterprise orgs? It is in all the cliens I work with. I just have to develop in a dev account and then deploy to thier org.
We are on Enterprise and got a prerelease prior to Spring '08, but I thought everyone would get it in the upgrade.
Of course, I could be misinformed. =)
Hi Johan,
                I have professional edition. But i can't find Sandbox button in Setup >> Data Management

Thanks in advance,
because PE doesn't include sandbox http://www.salesforce.com/products/editions-pricing/feature-comparison/
              Thanks for the quick response. As suggested i went through the link: http://www.salesforce.com/products/editions-pricing/feature-comparison/    

I clicked Enterprise Edition text button(in Editions and Pricing section). Then i clicked Free Trial(in the NEXT STEPS section) after entering all the details and submitting. Again it is showing Professional Edition!!!

Please correct me if the steps are wrong.