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Roshan TamrakarRoshan Tamrakar 

Date Subtraction

Hi Experts,

I have a field (first_response__c) of type datetime and I want to find the difference between the value in this field and current date time (system.now()).

System.debug(first_response__c - system.now()); // first_response__c is greater than system.now() here.

It throws me error like:
"Date/time arithmetic expressions must use Integer and Double arguments"

I also tried to use DATEVALUE() function as found a remedy in other posts, but it does not recognize this method. It returns error like:
"Method does not exist or incorrect signature: DATEVALUE(Datetime)"

I am working in DE org from Eclipse IDE.

What am I doing wrong? Is there any function that differenciates two datetime value and returns me a value in hours?

Thank you,




Please look at the Apex docs under the Datetime Methods and you will find all the methods Apex supports for Datetime fields. here

With that as your starting point I was thinking you could use the method, getTime() this method will return the time in milliseconds of your datetime field. This will be a Long datatype field and you can do a greater or less then comparison.

The error you are getting is because you are trying to use an arithmetic operator on a string datatype, in your debug statement.

Let us know if this helps.

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Roshan TamrakarRoshan Tamrakar

Thanks mikef,

I was just looking for a built-in method in DateTime data type (like DateTime.Diff(DateTime dt)).

Anyway, according to your suggestion, I created my own class as follows:

public static Long SubtractDate(DateTime highDate, DateTime lowDate){
  Long timeDiff = highDate.getTime() - lowDate.getTime();
  return timeDiff/60000; // 1000 milliseconds * 60 seconds

And it worked! This method returns me the difference in hour.