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Getting a Count of Related Objects and plugging into Page Layout

I've been searching and searching the Salesforce.com forums and it look as if people have asked this question, but there are no good responses.

I'm hoping that someone out there can help...

I have created a custom object that can be linked on a lead record.  I now want the custom object to have a "count" of the number of leads linked to that particular custom object.  This seems like a simple task, but I can't figure it out for the life of me.

Any help is greately appreciated!!
I have been searching on and off for something like this for months, and haven't come up with anything.
If it were possible calculate lead (or opportunity, or account, or contact) totals in a custom object it would solve everyone's problems trying to create cost / lead, close rate and ROI reporting in dashboards.
this would be a VERY powerful tool, has anyone figured out a workaround for this?
For example I have an "Expense" custom object that we record sales, marketing and overhead expenses in. 
In one marketing effort we give $10 gift cards to people who sign up on our website (creating a lead). When it comes time to send out the cards I create an expense object for the cost of the cards. Inside my expense object I'd like to sum all of the leads that were part of this expense. Then I could create another customer field "Cost Per Lead" that divides total leads by Expense amount.
Any help would be great!
I'm also searching for something similar. I'd like to get a report of the number of contacts attached to each account, is it possible to do this?

Any help is much appreciated

- Scott
Jeff TalbotJeff Talbot

Unfortunately, not one of the three requests that are in this thread so far can be done.

As of the most recent Salesforce release (Winter '08), roll-up summary fields are only available on objects with a Master-Detail relationship, and where the Detail side is a custom object.

We need roll-up summary fields on standard-standard and custom-standard relationships. Having roll-up summary fields on lookup relationships would be a plus, but that would likely be an extreme engineering challenge for SF

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My organization needs the master detail relationship for leads.


We pay our partners based on the # of leads generated from their websites, so knowing the count of total leads is neccessary for ROI