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any way to calculate Revenue Amount in Opportunity where Cost Basis is hard-coded in USD



I have a requirement to create a "Channel Revenue" field in Opportunity where the value would be based on the picklist value of a field (say Field B) and then the result of multiplying a custom Field (Number of Channels) with hard-coded amount that's given in USD dollar.




If Field B has value of xyz,

then Channel Revenue = 12 * Number of Channels * $100


If Field B has value of abc,

then Channel Revenue = 12 * Number of Channels * $200


So I can create a formula field easy enough to return the amount here. But the problem is that this Channel Revenue is assuming that the total amount is always based on USD currency (since the $100 and $200 is USD based).


So if a user has a default currency of Euro, and he creates an Opportunity and has Field B=xyz and Number of Channels = 20, then the Channel Revenue would return = 12 * 20 * 100 => 24000.

But because the currency here is Euro, the result would be 24000 Euro, when it really should be $24000 (USD)


Is there some clever way to handle this?  Is there a way that I can create another formula field which essentially contains the currency conversion rate so that it knows first of all what the default opportunity currency is and based on that, this "currency conversion rate" formula field would return say 1.00 when default opportunity currency is USD, but would return say 0.789 if default opporunity currency is Euro (and in our company's salesforce instance, we have defined a currency conversion rate of  0.789 Euro equals $1)