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Hi can anyone give me a idea How to create a force.com project using sandbox.
When iam trying to do that iam getting the error as could not find host test.salesforce.com.

Thanks in advance
David VPDavid VP
Go into
Setup -> Data Management -> Sandbox -> New Sandbox (give it a name and create one)

Wait a little bit. Once it's created you'll get a mail (or keep hitting refresh).
Login via test.salesforce.com
username : yourusername@yourdomain.com.yoursandboxname
password : yourpassword

If you're connecting with the Force.com IDE, don't forget to add your security token (which you can obtain via : Setup -> My Personal Information -> Reset my security token)

hope this helps,


Looks like rasmiforce already have a Sandbox available and is trying to create a Force.com project for that sandbox in Eclipse.

David VPDavid VP

could not find host '...' usually means a problem with your DNS / network or proxy settings.

Did you check all of these ?
(including in the eclipse Force.com IDE ? -> click 'window -> Preferences -> General -> Network connections')

If you give a better description I might be able to give you a better answer.

hope this helps,