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Is there any way to link tables in an SOQL to display in a datatable

I have two objects, appointment__c and contact.  appointment__c has a field called who__c which is a contact id.

Is there any way to link the two tables in an SOQL so that I can use the output in a datatable?  as I want to show the contact name against the appointment instead of the contact id which is who__c. i.e. {!eVisit.cont.name} in my page layout.

I have been using the following SQL which works OK until I try and add a second table to view the contact name and I get the error message "Compile Error: unexpected token: cont.id at line 24 column 33".

public List<Appointment__c> getVisits(){
Visits = [SELECT app.id, cont.name, app.Name, app.Assigned_To__c, app.Who__c, app.Time_Band__c, app.Visit_Date__c, app.Visit_Type__c
            FROM Appointment__c app, Contact cont
            WHERE  app.Status__c = 'Appointed'
            AND    app.who__c = cont.id
            AND    app.Visit_Date__c > :tmp
            AND    app.Assigned_To__c = :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id')
            Order by app.Visit_Date__c
            limit 200];
    return Visits;
select name, who__r.name from appointment__c where assigned_To__c = ....