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Jim CripeJim Cripe 

Force.com IDE Schema Browser doesn't display OldValue and NewValue values for History tables

The Eclipse Force.com IDE Schema Browser doesn't display "OldValue" and "NewValue" column values for History tables.

To see the problem, open the Schema Browser, (click on "salesforce.schema" at the bottom of the project in package explorer,) and click on any "__History" table. (A table for which "track field history" is turned on.) When you click on the checkbox to create a query with all fields and run the query, (you might want to add a "limit 100" to the query first,) you will see all the columns, and every column has values except "OldValue" and "NewValue".

If you query the history table through another means, such as SQL Server/DBAmp, the values show in the columns.

My Force.com IDE version is up to date at

Message Edited by Jim Cripe on 10-06-2008 10:23 AM
I noticed that you can't do that with the current version of the IDE too! Probably something the next version resolves, which is how I saw this post... searching for something related to those values.