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IMAGE Not Displayed on Search Results Page

I have a formula field called that displays an Image from the Documents object if Status = "Active". The image displays as expected on the Account Detail page, but not on the Search Results page. On that page instead of the image the small "red x" icon displays - even when I right click and select "Show Picture". How can I ensure the image displays on the Search results page as the idea is to highlight results with a particular status.
SusanK and SimonF advised me in a post on the developer network of a solution that works.
Essentially I made a silly  :smileysad: error and left a / out of my formula.   One that works is:
IMAGE("/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0155000000080zw", "Membership Status = Active ", 30,30)
The / before servlet is very important.  Many thanks to Susan and Simon for helping me out with this.