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Stale Case Notification Workflow Rule...

Hi all --
I have created a workflow rule that I want to trigger an email alert to the Support Manager when a case has a status of anything but closed after a certain period of time.  I have setup a formula with the following criteria:
AND(CreatedDate >  CreatedDate + 2, NOT( IsClosed))
This formula is supposed to (might not be right) review if the case is closed and the create date is more than 2 days.
The eval criteria is set to "When a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria"
The alert is set to email the Support Manager using an email template when the criteria is met.
This is not currently working and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for me to get this working.

I believe you'd have to used something like this : AND(CreatedDate  >  CreatedDate + 2, NOT( ISPICKVAL( Status , "Closed") ) )

If you are using Status as one of your triggers you need to used ISPICKVAL. Hope this helps.

If  you want to schedule actions to be executed at some time in the future (2 days after creation date), you cannot include that time element in the rule crietria. You have to create what is called as a Time trigger . Your time trigger is where you specify the time-dependent rules (2 days after case creation date, 5 days after case creation etc).

The reason is workflow rules are evaluated ONLY when that record is touched, so if you putting the time element in the rule will not be of any use as it will not fire if no one has touched the record.

I have posted a breeze presentation on the successforce web page. It should help you getting started with the feature.
Here is the breeze.

Hope this helps.
Wes BarnesWes Barnes
Thanks all for the replies I need to test this and I will get back.  More to come...
Wes BarnesWes Barnes

Thanks I was able to setup and test a workflow rule that uses a time based trigger to do exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks Again.


Good to know you are all set!!!!