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Picklist Custom Link in a Custom Object

Hello!  I created a custom object and want certain fields to auto populate from the Opportunity.  I got those to work except for the picklists.  These picklists have dependencies and I don't know how to get them to auto populate into my new custom object.
Hi Kimberly,

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Great question.  However I am not sure I understand exactly what you are going for, if you would like to reply with some more info, I will do my best to respond to that post as well.  I am not sure how the dependencies are playing into your equation.

We have limited functions that we can use with Pick Lists, the 2 primary being ISPICKVAL and CASE.  Below I have an example of how one can copy a Pick List value to a formula field using the Case function.

CASE( Status ,
"Open - Not Contacted","Open - Not Contacted",
"Working - Contacted","Working - Contacted",
"Open- In Approval","Open- In Approval",
"Channel Deal Approved (Converted)", "Channel Deal Approved (Converted)",
"Closed - Converted","Closed - Converted",
"Closed - Not Converted","Closed - Not Converted",
"Closed - Not Converted","Closed - Not Converted",
"Ready to Convert","Ready to Convert",

It is all fixed.  I was overlooking something.  Thanks for your help!