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New Admin looking for guidance -- Custom Objects & Related Lists


I'm relatively new to Salesforce and have ZERO experience with S-Controls, etc.  Could use some guidance on if any of the below are possible (and how) or if there are other alternatives.

Thanks in advance,
 - Mark

I'm looking at implementing a few custom objects.  It starts with the Asset that is associated with an Account.  I created a custom object to link Asset with SSA (Software Support Agreement), which is another Custom Object.  Each year a new SSA will be created and associated with at least one, if not multiple Assets.  Asset will also be associated with another custom object Software License Key.  

I am using a related list relationship between Asset & Software License Key (one to many relationship).  I can not do this between Asset & SSA because SSA's may be associated with multiple Assets (many to many relationship) and the Related List functionality does not allow you to associate existing records, it only allows you to create new records.  This goes back to why I am using a separate custom object Asset/SSA Link to connect Asset & SSA through a related list.  Is there a (custom) button that can be created on related lists to append existing records vs. creating new? 

Assuming I need to use the linking custom object (Asset/SSA Link)...  I am also struggling with naming conventions for each of the objects, and how they display on related lists.  Ideally I would like the name of the Asset/SSA Link to be the Asset Name and SSA Name.  I tried setting up a Field Update to set the name for this object (Asset__c & SSA__c), but it's displaying the object ID, not the displayed name (which I'm told is how it works).  I have very few options for fields on the Field Update, none of which appear to be the names.  As the name is a concatentation of two lookup fields, is there a way to display the name rather than the object ID? 

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