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Using Expected Revenue in Dashboards?

I'm trying to show a table in a dashboard that lists sales people and their expected revenue for the current quarter. Seems simple, right? Can do it without issue for total opportunity amount, but cannot for expected revenue. I have removed amount from my report, but it still does not work. Instead, I get a table that lists the "record count" for each sales person. Strangely enough, the chart works fine on the report, but when I try to put it into the dashboard, it does not .
Any ideas?
In the Chart Settings within the source report, check-out your selections for the Y-Axis and X-Axis...is one of them set to 'Record Count'?  If yes, trying changing it to 'Sum of Expected Revenue'.  Then go to your Dashboard and refresh to see if it worked.  This assumes you have selected, in the source report, the Expected Revenue column to summarize.
So was able to get this resolved with CS (thanks Brad Currier!). The problem was field-level security. We did not have the expected revenue field visible to the profile of the running user in the dashboard. Just in case this type of thing comes up for you, there is the solution!