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Response Objects with multiple elements

There are a couple of posts on here that indicate that multiple elements in a response object is not supported by Salesforce.com. 

I'm dealing with a system that, unfortunately, I can't modify.  I'm getting the first element in my code, and I assume that I'm not getting the second element (the one that I want) because of this limitation.

Anyone have any ideas how to work around this?

Thanks in advance.
Create a new class with the required properties and return this class. That should solve the problem.
If you mean create a new class in the application I'm calling out to, I don't have control over that application.  I'm using a vendor's public web services.  If I had written the code and/or had access to it, I could create a wrapper class as described in the other posts on this subject.
If I'm misunderstanding, please let me know.