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How to restrict related lists update


I have an object and I allow the user to update the object only before some deadline. My problem is I wrote a trigger
which restricts the update of the object based on the deadline. But the relatedlists of the object get updated even after the

One of my related lists is Notesandattachments . I was able to add attachments even after the deadline. Is there a way to restrict the update of attachments ?

Kindly help.


Yes, just write a trigger on the attachment object as you did for the other object.
Thanks for the reply. But can you please tell me how to write trigger on NotesAndAttachments for a specific object ?
I cud only create a trigger on the objects so for . Since I dont see any standard object named NotesAndAttachments how can I write a trigger?

Any ideas?


Hello SirishaM,

Unfortunately the Notes & Attachments object does not allow triggers to be attached to it. This is a custom object that can only be accessed by the system UI and not through any Apex triggers.