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Thomas RasmussenThomas Rasmussen 

SSO with Salesforce and Shibboleth IDP (or similar) consultant needed - Bay Area location a plus

Please email trasmussen@verticalresponse.com if interested. Local candidate (that can travel to our downtown San Francisco office) desired but not required.


Hello, we are implmenting the Salesforce Community for our Customers and need assistance with setting up SAML SSO from our own app that our customers log into to the Salesforce Community so that they don't need two logins and the transition from our app to the support community is seamless. Should include autoprovisioning of users.


We've been looking at potential solutions like Shibboleth IDP but are open to alternatives. Here's some information on our systems:


1.- We want to implement a SAML single sign-on from our Web App to a Salesforce Communities implementation. 
2.- Use case:
- User logs in to the web APP

- User needs CS help and clicks on a link from the header of web APP
- User is redirected to the Salesforce Communities implementation and they are logged in to that app without the need for them to login again (Single Sign-On).

Details of our VR.com website application:
We use Devises (https://github.com/plataformatec/devise) for user creation and authentication. Devise uses a database model/table called users which stores email address which is the user name in our case along side the encrypted_password. Devise provides a helper method (authenticate_user) to make sure the user is authenticated and which is used all over the code base to make sure only authenticated user get access to those resources.


Our app sits on a linux systems running nginx, passenger, ruby on rails, and the backend database is postgres.



Apurva DuttaApurva Dutta



I have around 4 years of SFDC implementation exp. I am 201, 301, 401 certification under my belt. Can connect anytime. 


Please let me know if this is possible.