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Payment mechanism for applications on AppExchange

Can anyone explain the process of invoicing/payment for applications installed from AppExchange? 
A user selects a paid application from AppExchange and installs it into his account, does he now pay the additional amount to Salesforce.com or the third-party will start invoicing it directly to the enterprise that started using the application? I am sure there should be more than 1 way how this works....
thanks in advance,

Hi again, CB,

I would really recommend talking to Jeff Harris and the Alliances team here. Their staff can help with all your questions regarding a public, for-fee application on the AppExchange. You can also get more information and fill out the contact form on the AppExchange to get in touch with this team.




Salesforce does not provide a payment mechanism for "native" apps.  Since SF has no way to manage this, they are discouraging charging for native apps.  Instead you need to have some part of your app outside of salesforce and figure out a way to charge for it.
I also need an answer to the original question in this thread, with detail.

Can anyone explain the process of invoicing/payment for applications installed from AppExchange?
A user selects a paid application from AppExchange and installs it into his or her account
(1) How does he or she pay? Specifically what is a recommended process?
(2) What information is available to the paid application about the user?
(3) What comfort is available from Salesforce to the application about creditworthiness? For example is the buyer just using a free trial account that they got 5 minutes ago, like me here?

I expect hundreds of people have asked the same questions, and I really really need answers. I've spent about 2 hours researching documentation but have found literally nothing.

Please can someone tell me a URL? Or mail me a document?

Many thanks in anticipation!!!