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Apex Namespace Re-use Across Multiple Dev Editions

Unless I'm missing some key documentation, it appears that a developer using multiple dev editions/orgs to develop multiple apps (to keep things separate and clean, not exceed tab/object limits, etc...) has to register a different namespace for each dev org.  Is this true? Is there no way to associate all of an ISV's various dev edition orgs with single namespace?  Is this because each managed package can only be associated with a single, unique namespace?
The namespace is more of an application namespace, not a developer namespace (IIRC, the docs aren't very clear on that), so yes you'd expect to have one per app.


thanks, that does make sense when explained that that is the intent.  i originally thought it was similar to the prefixes we used before that would distinguish all apps developed by a particular ISV or customer.

That said, is there a way to reserve a "range" for a consistent naming convention? For example, if the namespace "abc" is available, is there a way to reserve "abc01-abc99" without setting up a bunch of dev editions upfront and manually registering for the future?