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Where is Mail Merge for Quotes

I installed this application in my test environment, now I can't find it on the App Exchange. What happened?
Thanks, CindyF

It looks like it has been marked as a private application, which apparently moves it out of the AppExchange search results.

A search on Google turned it up here:


Mark Mangano

Message Edited by MarkMPA on 03-09-2007 12:27 PM

Thank you so much Mark!
Ron HessRon Hess
this was moved to private because lots of folks had configuration issues setting it up (browser or active X settings usualy) , but once it's up and running it works fine.

i'm re-writing this to make it more flexable and work with other custom object related lists, hope to re-publish soon.
Hi Ron,
I was wondering if you may be able to help. After a lot of adjustments to security settings and adding *.salesforce.com to the trusted sites i have been able to get this application to work on MOST people's machines. But there are still some users who I cannot seem to get it to work for. These users have the trusted site listed and they have the same exact security settings (verified every single one of them in the Trusted Sites) as I do and yet they are still getting the error 'Could not load MMVBDataSource.TestDSOne Automation Server cant create object'.
Any idea what else to add in order to get it to install successfully.

Im having the exact same problem with mine.  I also seem to have lost the ability to perform a mail merge using the SF link after this package was installed.



Cindy, another alternative is Conga Mail Merge On Demand. The basic funtionality is free. On the AppExchange.
Thanks Mark. I'll check it out.