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Newbie question - moving a custom object from developer edition to live Enterprise Edition

I created a custom object in my dev edition just to test it out .. I know I saw something somewhere that said you can upload it to the App Exchange and then download it to the live edition.   As I'm right in the middle of the implementation and my brain is fried, I need a link to a plain English version of this rather than a 27 page PDF which is all I seem to be able to find (can't search properly either given lack of brain power right now:smileysad:

I will be eternally grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction

Ron HessRon Hess
click on Setup | App Setup | Exchange | Shared Apps

there you can add the object, ( not data) and then package it, then register it, then install it in another org / edition.


We have customized our salesforce in Enterprise Edition and would like to take our schema and bring into the developer edition.  I realize we did it backwards but we didn't know the developer edition existed until we were done with the customization.

In Enterprise Edition under App Setup the Exchange option is missing.  There is only Customize, Create, Develop.

Ideally, we would like to make our customization (both schema and product database) available to others in our vertical market.  Potentially through AppExchange.

Any words of wisdom?

Thank you,