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Information Needed regarding selling applications from AppExchange !!!

Can someone provide me information as how will the transaction proceed after a user decideds to install my application (if my application is a paid one). One thing that's clear to me is, I would have to provide information regarding the pricing and contact information of the sales representative and the cusomer will contact him for futher operations.
What happens after that? After I get the payment for my application how will the application get installed in the customer's account? Would I have to provide a link to install the application or would I install the application in the customers account?
If possible please provide detailed information.
Thanks in advance.
Ron HessRon Hess
Detailed information is here Insert a Hyperlink

and you can search for more information on installing in the online help using your Developer Edition account.

Ron, thanks a lot for your reply...

I have one more query....Do upgrades to any app too need to be certified (i.e would i need to pay certification fee for them too)? Moreover, what about next version releases (i.e. 1.0 to 2.0)?

Thanks in advance...



Aarti KumarAarti Kumar
Certification is an annual process. If you upgrade your app within that year, we will not need to certify it again (or pay the certification fee again). However, we will review your app during your re-certification review which will be held on the anniversary date of your last certification.

For more information on certification, please review the link below:

Also, feel free to attend How to Certify and Publish Your App webinar. This is held regularly and the next one is tomorrow at 10am PT. You can register here:

AppExchange Partner Enablement
Aarti, thanks a lot for your prompty reply....
But what if I rollout a next version of my application in the same year?
Thanks in advance?