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Info needed regarding Client Applications !!!!

I wanted to know whether Client Apps too need to be Certified & Approved through AppExchange?
Moreover can Client Apps be made available through AppExchange? If yes, how?
Can someone help me out on this one?:smileysad:
Thanks in advance.
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What is it that you want to do, that you think may require certification ?

Yes, client apps can be made available through the AppExchange. When you setup your listing use the contact form to inform the AppExchange people of the download URL for your client setup file.
Yes, they do need to be certified, and yes, they can be listed on the AppExchange.

As you'll see on the AppExchange today, its possible get a "Download" link instead of a "Get it Now" link; the former will let the user download your application.
Thanks a lot for the replies...:smileyvery-happy:
I still got 1 question about the same....
Is it manadatory for every client app to be certified?
Moreover, can u please provide me a example/link of any client app on AppExchange that I can download and evaluate?
Thanks in advance...

If you want a public listing on the appExchange then yes i believe it needs to be certified, if you want to distribute it some other way, then no.

Once again thanks a lot for the relply SimonF....

I think I have to trouble you one last time.....:smileywink:

After i have put up the listing for my app on AppExchange, the customers would be able to install the same into their accounts(native/composite app) using a link that I would provide them. This link wud have been provided to me by AppExchange after approval and certification of my app...(This is what I have leart while all my study regarding AppExchange)....Am i right?

My question is, assming my app is a paid one, how would i distinguish between various users with just one link? How would be licensing handled? Would i have to embedd some control info into the link?

If my app is a managed one, I wud come to know who has installed it and how many times but is that all that is provided for security and licensing? What about unmanaged apps?

Can u please provide a dummy example?

Thanks a lot in advance.....