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How to create a Formula field to work with other objects...


Am trying to create a Formula field in Student custom Object, where the value of this field should refer to a field in Progress custom Object. The Formula is:




but showing syntax error saying: Error: Field Progress__c does not exist. Check spelling.


Can any one please resolve the error!


Thnx in adv,


Steve MolisSteve Molis

If Progress is a custom object and you're referring to it in a Cross-Object Formula you need to use double  underscore+lowercase "__r" (for reference)

Progress__r.Result__c instead of Progress__c.Result__c


In formula field you can refer fields of itself and of parent object, you need to have relationship between student & progress object. One more thing, only parent object’s fields can be accessible. That means , in your case Progress should be parent of student then you can refer progress’s fields.