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Formula to combine Text and Date filed



I am trying to set a workflow based around a formula that combines the existing Record Name that a user has submitted along with two additional values in the record. This is what I have so far, however I must not be selecting the correct filter:


Contribution__r.Name &"-"&Name &(year,month,day) = Date__c



Thanks in advance for any help offered.


Are you trying to auto-populate a Text Field using a WFR and a Field Update?  

If you are can you post your WFR Trigger and Field Update Formula?  

If you aren't can you give some more details about exactly what you're trying to do, including the Object, Fields, and variables involved?

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I do not have a trigger involved...just a workflow.

There is a custom object that is associated to the Opportunity called Contribution. I have all of the fields that are to be referenced for the workflow in the Contribution object. When a user goes to an opportunity and creates a new contribution, they will name the contribution with all sorts of inconsistent naming conventions.For instance the Name might say "Mary" I do not want to erase what they have the name set at, but we would like to preface the name with the Opportunity Name + Date . The Date field is in the Contribution. The Opportunity Name is a lookup field on the Contribution.

When complete the Contribution Name should = Opportunity Name+Date+ Mary.


Thanks, again!


a WFR needs to have a trigger (you might be referring to it by another name) the trigger is the criteria that the WFR evaluates and says "Okay, it's time for me to do something..." or "Nope, nothing for me to do yet"

What is the relationship between the Opportunity object and the Contribution Object?  Is it Master-Detail or just lookup?  


Can you list the Fields, the object the field is located on, the API Field Names, and datatypes?  It would make solving this a LOT easier since I can't see inside of your SFDC org and we're talking about Custom Fields and Objects, and not plain vanilla SFDC. 


Are you all set or do you still need help?