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I think I have an easy question re: PREVGROUPVAL

I have a summary report (for Accounts) with only 1 grouping and just 2 groups:


The field the report is grouped on is a text formula field that assesses a multiselect picklist for certain values and returns either a YES or NO.


I'd like to add a formula to the report that gives the % value of the YES recount count and the NO record count.


I'm not grasping the PREVGROUPVAL nor PARENT GROUP VAL help text -- but I'm pretty sure one of them is what I need.


Any help would be appreciated... and if my past experience is any indicator, Superman SteveMo has some tips for me!






Can you create a mockup of what you want the report to look like in Excel and post a screenshot?


Hey Steve, Here is a quick an dirty mock up what the report (matrix) would look like. The yellow cells are the summary formula fields I'm trying to properly script.  Thanks for reaching out on this one... Brian








Okay, do you have access to the Dreamforce '10 Attendee Portal?  I have some stuff there that might help you out.


You're gonna have to tweak it a little since your report is a Summary instead of a Martix, but you should be able to get the general idea.







Many thanks!  Can't wait to give it a shot... Apprciate your help!