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ISCHANGED formulas

There are 3 more formulas that I can't get right. If the Soft Costs, Term mos, or Pay Method fields get edited (see below) when the “…Approved” field for the respective field is TRUE, then the “…Approved” field should be changed to FALSE.


I've made an attempt but must be completely out.


IF ( Soft_Costs_Approved__c = TRUE ),

ISCHANGED ( Soft_Costs__c , Soft_Costs_Approved__c = FALSE )


OR ( IF ( Term_Approved__c = TRUE ),

ISCHANGED ( Term_mos__c , Term_Approved__c = FALSE )


OR ( IF ( Pay_Method_Approved__c = TRUE ),

ISCHANGED ( Pay_Method__c , Pay_Method_Approved__c = FALSE )


Ideally, I'd like for these 3 formulas to be combined into one formula.

Steve MolisSteve Molis

Are you trying to create a Formula Field or a Validation Rule or a Workflow Rule?  You can not use ISCHANGED in the Formula Field (only VR's and some WFR's)


SFDC advised: "A better solution would be to use workflow rules; each IF statement would be a rule.
For the first IF, the workflow trigger would be..."

Soft_Costs_Approved__c = TRUE && ISCHANGED ( Soft_Costs__c)

The action of the workflow rule would be below

set Soft_Costs_Approved__c to FALSE


I then tried this formula but it said "Error: Function ISCHANGED may not be used in this type of formula"...


IF (Soft_Costs_Approved__c = TRUE && ISCHANGED ( Soft_Costs__c), Soft_Costs_Approved__c = FALSE, Soft_Costs_Approved__c = TRUE )

Any ideas?

Steve MolisSteve Molis

When is your WFR Trigger being evaluated?  ISCHANGED can only be used in WFR if the trigger type is set to "Every time a record is created or edited"