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How to rturns the character position of the last space

FIND will return the first space in a text string but how would i return the last space in a text string?

my real question is if I have a string of a few words with spaces in between. My last word will always be same ie product, and i want the last word returned b4 the word 'product'
so in a string that says "gnome imperial product' i want only the word imperail returned.
is this possible?
i'm trying to enable alphabetizing views easier . . .
You're on the right track... use the find function to locate the word "product" and go back one character position.  Then using the beginning position of the first space, determine the number of characters long the middle word is... here's the formula:
MID({fieldname}, (FIND(" ", {fieldname}) + 1),((FIND("product", {fieldname} )-1)-(FIND(" ",{fieldname}) + 1)))
Good luck!