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Workflow Forumla function cannot reference the Account.Name field.

I'm trying to create a notification for when a contact's Account is changed.  I've attempted to create a workflow rule that is evaulated every time a record is created or edited.

The rule consists of simply this:

ISCHANGED( Account.Name )

When I try to check the syntax I get the following error:
Error: The ISCHANGED function cannot reference the Account.Name field.

I R konfuzed....please help.
Yeah, it's a bummer.  Here's a workaround.
1.) Create a custom field called "Account Name 2". 
2.) Create a workflow rule that triggers whenever the Account record is created or updated to copy the "Account.Name" into "Account.Account_Name_2".  
TIP:  If you define "Account Name 2" as UNIQUE when creating the custom field, you can prevent duplicate Account Names from being saved.  If a user tries to create a new account with the name of an existing account, this copy into a UNIQUE "Account_Name_2" field will prevent the record from being saved.  Of course, you'll have to prime the "Account Name 2" field with all your existing accounts with the data loader tool.
3.) You can now add the ISCHANGED( Account.Account_Name_2) rule.
does this workaround work for all account related fields? i want to do the same thing (get notified) but based on a
custom field changing, my field is "custtype", it's a picklist:
ISCHANGED( Account.custtype__c)
I'm getting the "Error: The ISCHANGED function cannot reference the..." error
can anyone help please?
David HalesDavid Hales
AND( NOT(ISBLANK(AccountId)), ISCHANGED(AccountId) )
this will check if the Account field has changed and if it already has a value.