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Can't get Account workflow rule to activate..

Hi, I'm trying to get a workflow to activate when a user changes any of their personal account information details. My end goal is to make a outbound message go out for a data syncronization call to update remote data with the new SF.com data. However I am using the developer edition account, and I'm not sure if this is really enabled.

I created my outbound message, also created a email alert too. I set my rule (under Account) up as so:

LastModifiedDate<> CreatedDate

I've also tried
1 = 1

I set this run to run when 'Every time a record is created or edited'

My rule is active, and my outbound message and email alert are associated to the workflow. However when I update my account under 'personal settings' I get no outbound message in the queue, and no alert email either.  I've also enabled the system log and looked under 'workflow' and 'debug' levels, but I get nothing. I've also enabled the debugging under Administrator->Monitoring->Debug Logs

Am I doing this wrong or is this simply disabled with developer accounts?

I do not believe you can set up workflow on the User object.  It is not available to select when you set up a new rule.

Account records and User records are not the same in the same object.

If your rule is setup under the Account object, changes to your Personal Settings (in your record in the User object) would not trigger the Account workflow rule.  If you make changes to an Account record it should.

Hi, I have a similar issue in as much as I want to create a rule that emails me when a user record gets updated with a quarterly commitment number, there does not seem to be the ability to select the user record to base the workflow off, am correct on this and therefore I would never be able to create this workflow rule to tell me when a user updates their quarterly commitment number on the user record.   Thanks.