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Substituting Carriage Return in a Custom Formula Field

I have a custom formula field in contacts that is a hyperlink that opens a new event with information about the contact in the description (long story as to why we're doing this - trust me that this is the way to go...).
So, all goes well - I've substitituted spaces for + so that the hyperlink will work. My issue comes when I try to use mailing address. My only choice is mailing address and not mailing address 1, mailing address 2, mailing address 3. When there's a carriage return in the mailing address, the hyperlink doesn't get formed properly. So, the answer is to replace the carriage return with %0D. But, how do I specify the carriage return in the URL? I've tried CHAR(10), CHR(10), TEXT(10), BR() to no avail. I've tried calling Salesforce support but I'm told this area is not supported and I should talk to my developer??? (Side note: I love how salesforce keeps using these features as selling points and then refuses to support them when you run into issues).
So, does anyone know what I would use here? Here's what the code looks like ("NEED CARRIAGE RETURN HERE" is where I need the carriage return code:
HYPERLINK("https://na5.salesforce.com/00U/e—&who_id="&Id&"&followup=1&evt5=Meeting&what_id="&AccountId&"&returl=%2F"&Id&"&evt6="&SUBSTITUTE(FirstName," ","+")&"+"&SUBSTITUTE(LastName," ","+")&"%0D"&SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(Phone, "(",""),")","")," ","+")&"%0D"&SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(MailingStreet," ","+"),NEED CARRIAGE RETURN CODE HERE,"%0A"), "Book a Meeting")

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Mr SaaSMr SaaS

Did you ever solve this problem please?  I am in the same situation.

Many thanks


Resurecting an old post.  


Running into this myself.  Anyone?