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Apex Email Services Defect: Users responding to the wrong person's email address!

We are using Apex Email services to automate a *custom* approval process received via email.
The workflow is something like this:
1. User 'Sam' recieves email for approval. Sam may not have a salesforce.com user license.
2. User 'Sam' replies to salesforce generated email with approved status (on the subject line)
3. Saleforce then processes the email and updates the record status to approved and sends another email to implementation group.
We are facing a problem here. When the second email is send out to the implementation group, the from email address is not Sam's email address; instead it is the email address specified as the "context" user under Apex Email Services settings.
This is confusing as implementation team tend to reply back to the wrong person(i.e. the context user and not the actual approver) by clicking the "Reply" button!
How can we forcibly or manually set the *from* email address to the approver's email id or the email id of the person who initiates step 3 above? In the above scenario, the from email address in the email sent at step 3 should be Sam's email id.
We greatly appreciate any feedback on this issue.
Thanks and regards,