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Apex Code for creating Own WEbService

Dear All,
Please help me out, I am interested to handle Save event on Opportunity Object., Once the user will fill Opportunity at this level
i needed to tranfer records to my Local DataBase using WebService.
I can develop s-Control, and this Control will call Apex Class WebService , and this WEbService will send data to my Local machine , please suggest some relevant code to send data from salesforce. I already used OutBound meaage. But i am interested to call method on save Button.
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You can write a trigger to perform any proccess after the insert of the new opportunity.
Maybe with this you can send the data..
Anyways.. i think that one of the cool things about saleforce is that the data can be stored an accessed from anywhere , so i dont know why you have to mirror the data in other place.
In my point of view the best way to work with the data is exposing a webservice and retrieve it when needed, not sending the data to another db.

i hope it helps

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